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Need help to resolve your business, personal or employee conflicts & disputes?

HR Consulting Services and Organisational Change

We can advise and support you at those challenging times on people and organisation issues. Whether it is a planned change or an unexpected HR matter such as grievance or disciplinary investigations - we are here to help and have the experience to do so. We offer value-added, strategic and operational advice. You have access to a trusted and confidential adviser.

Getting change management right is no easy task. We're your expert critical friend who will support you throughout the change management journey. You may need some strategic input, people management help, policy and procedural writing and review, or more substantive assistance to ensure your project is managed effectively. AAP is here for your needs. Please do pick up the phone or contact us for a mutually convenient time to speak.

HR Consulting Services

AAP are experienced at supporting a wide range of organisations on HR and people matters including independent investigations on claims of discrimination and bullying, performance related issues and grievance and disciplinary. We can support you with these challenging situations with practical advice to help you sort things out.

Change Management Consultancy Services

All About People (AAP) understands that change in an organisation can be disruptive and unsettling. We are experienced in working with leaders and project managers to devise and implement strategic change in a positive and workforce engaging way. Change managed in a more effective way reduces the risk of conflict and resistance and enables a smoother transition from the old to the new.

What is change management?

Change Management refers to the implementation of changes to processes, procedures, and policies at an organisational or individual level. However, it is less about a particular process or technique.

Effective change management involves positively engaging with the people who are the subject of the new way of working. People are complex creatures with different needs and expectations, and often thrive on repetition and routine. Those implementing changes need to consider how to include and encourage their workforce to 'buy-in' and accept these changes to their working habits. Understanding and engaging with the people element is at the core of excellence in change management.

Excellence in change management

To achieve excellence, it is imperative that you have a clear strategy which includes the process, policy and direction, and the people aspect.

3 phases - inquiry, testing options and consolidation

Change management has three clear phases:

  • Inquiry
  • Experimentation
  • Consolidation

These areas require substantive consideration in isolation and as a collective. Each of these areas should provide the change manager with the information to help improve the uptake of the project, more effective implementation, and better levels of engagement.

How can working with AAP help me with my change management project?

Our approach is to understand your business, your priorities, aims and objectives, and be your critical friend. We'll work with you to ensure that the project is founded on good basic principles and is less likely to fail. We are here for your entire change management journey.

We will work with you to find the methodology for your project which will embody the behaviours your organisation aspires to. Our approach has a blend of systemic, humanistic and both leader and team holistic approaches.

Change Management covers a wide spectrum of interventions in people and organisation context. AAP have a range of experience and expertise across sectors supporting organisations in their change management journey, including:

  • Leading and supporting organisational design and development activity.
  • Devising and delivering transformation and change programmes.
  • Providing effective employee relations advice including negotiation with employee groups and unions.
  • Operating as a trusted advisor to CEOs.

What our clients say

HR Director France:

❝ I had the chance to work with Geoffrey for nearly four years as HR Business partner in the French subsidiary of an Irish airline and learnt a lot by his side about understanding others, anticipating reactions and resolving disputes.

In a very tense environment, dealing with both French and Irish labour laws on the same workplace, he was an example to me on how to apprehend conflicts in the workplace, showing how a precise and well-dosed mix of empathy and firmness was the only way to succeed with a win-win solution. It takes time, experience, patience and a sincere eagerness to bring satisfaction to all parts involved - all of which Geoffrey was an example and a role-model for me.

In this matter, negotiating a merger with French unions was the peak of our collaboration. Throughout the acquisition operation, he helped me focus on the objective, working step after step with the different parts involved, getting to understand the right timing, making relevant propositions and finally reaching the goal.

He probably does not realize it but his special way of dealing with others is still very often in my mind when it comes to apprehending a new challenge. ❞

Are you dealing with any of the following?

  • Implementation of an organisational change programme.
  • Undertaking a merger or acquisition.
  • Changes to your board governance structure or establishing a board of trustees or committee.
  • Transforming of HR and People services.
  • Procurement of external consultants.
  • Negotiating the restructuring of terms with unions, works councils and employee representative groups.

AAP have experience of working across multiple sectors bringing a holistic approach to organisational change. Working with us to better manage conflict and prevent disputes escalating will be more cost effective and people-centred than dealing with poorly managed change programs. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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