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Need help to resolve your business, personal or employee conflicts & disputes?

Supporting Individuals and Groups with Conflict Coaching

Where you need some support to help you better manage your conflict, we are here to provide guidance and expertise on an individual or group basis. This is known as Conflict Coaching.

Interpersonal conflict is around us all the time. It can be considered healthy and positive to some extent. However, it becomes a negative force when we perceive these situations attack or undermine our needs, values, and beliefs. A dispute is where an action is taken, or a point of view expressed that creates a reaction by us or another person.

What is Conflict Coaching?

Conflict Coaching is a model of support which is provided to individuals and groups when mediation is not suitable or to assist the process of mediation. It is designed to enable you to develop competence and confidence in handling your disputes and interpersonal conflicts.

As with mediation, it is a voluntary and confidential process to help you focus and work on goals including developing the ongoing relationship with the others involved; and how to address any unresolved issues. It is also a skills development opportunity to engage in future conflict more effectively and build conflict resilience.

Geoffrey is a trained CINERGY® Conflict Coach using the world leading model created by Cinnie Noble.

AAP is here to advise and support you in a range of circumstances relating to specific cases or where you recognise the need to develop your conflict management skills more generally.

What are the key benefits of using the CINERGY Conflict Coaching model?

It is the leading model for Conflict Coaching as it has been designed to:

  • Strengthen your knowledge, skills, and capability to engage more effectively in conflict.
  • Empower you to manage or resolve a dispute or prevent it from escalating.
  • Be future focussed and manage your own conflict management goals.

Conflict Coaching is not therapy or counselling, but it does help with reducing the stress and anxiety associated with conflict.

How can Conflict Coaching help me?

We use the CINERGY® conflict coaching model which takes a step-by-step approach to managing your situation.

Clarify the goal
Inquire about the situation
Name the elements
Explore choices
Reconstruct the situation
Ground the challenges
Yes to the commitment

Cinergy - peacebuilding ... one person at a time

How can Conflict Coaching be used as a tool for individuals and teams?

We organise sessions for individuals and for group to underpin better self-management of issues. We also provide in-house training workshops where better conflict management has been identified as a learning or development need.

Is Conflict Coaching used as part of the mediation process?

Conflict Coaching works very well as a tool to support the mediation process and is highly successful at increasing engagement and reaching better outcomes for everyone involved.

Conflict Coaching before mediation (pre-mediation)

Pre mediation conflict coaching is particularly applicable for interpersonal conflicts; disputes between employees and managers in the workplace; between partners in both business and private circumstances; between family members e.g. in settling estates or property issues and matters in which communication and maintain relationships are important dynamics.

It will help you identify and practice what you want to be most prepared for ahead of the mediation or dispute resolution meeting. We will work on skills such as active listening, self-determination and cooperation.

Conflict Coaching after mediation (post-mediation)

Post mediation conflict coaching helps individuals to move forward after the mediation or dispute resolution meeting has concluded.

Where the immediate issues have been resolved, the reparation of the relationship may require some additional support. This is where Conflict Coaching offers an ongoing solution for you to build on the skills you developed during the mediation process. You can use Conflict Coaching to reduce the risk of needing further mediation sessions or engaging with more formal processes.

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