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Need help to resolve your business, personal or employee conflicts & disputes?

Experts in Mediating Conflicts and Coaching

All About People offer dispute resolution services for both individuals and businesses. Our services are designed to support most kinds of conflict and dispute management. Have a look at our key areas of service below and contact us for more information and an informal discussion about your needs.

  • Mediation & Dispute Resolution

    A confidential process that gives parties control over the outcome.

    We focus on people as much as following the right process and aim to find solutions that last. Contact us to make a real difference.

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  • Conflict Management Coaching

    Used by two or more parties to find a peaceful solution to their dispute.

    Proactive coaching before a conflict arises can be a good investment. We have an internationally recognised approach.

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  • HR & Organisational Change

    Managing change effectively reduces the risk of conflict and enables a smoother transition.

    We can also support you on employee relations, including investigations, disciplinary and grievance matters.

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  • Is mediation the key to a harmonious workplace?

    Over 81% of people said they have been directly involved in conflict in the workplace, with a further 13% citing that they have been indirectly involved in conflict in the workplace (*statistics from AAP research). So, with workplace conflict affecting 94% of the workforce, Geoffrey Milton, Founder and Director at All About People explores what steps can organisations take to restore harmony.

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  • Disagree with a senior colleague? – Here’s how to do it openly and effectively

    As our previous blog explained conflict in the workplace can affect both physical and mental health. So, when it comes to sharing differences of opinion, particularly with senior colleagues, this type of conflict situation has to be navigated extremely carefully to ensure an effective outcome and long-term harmony. All About People's founder and Director Geoffrey Milton shares his experiences through discussing the best ways to manage conflicting viewpoints with senior colleagues to optimise a productive conversation and succeed in disputes not escalating.

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  • The impact of workplace conflict on your mental well-being

    From differences of opinions, misunderstandings, communication breakdowns, or competing priorities, workplace conflicts can occur for many reasons. Whilst conflict in the workplace is normal and even inevitable, it can have substantial consequences when it comes to our mental well-being if it is not addressed. Here, our founder and Director Geoffrey Milton explores the negative impacts of workplace conflict on our mental health, and provides tips on how to navigate workplace conflict to protect and improve overall mental well-being.

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What makes All About People the right choice for your mediation needs?

Geoffrey Milton's company, All About People, is here to empower you to agree just, ethical and value-based outcomes to disagreements, differing points of view and problem relationships. It is a stage of help which comes before and aims to avoid the stress and complications of litigation.

Mediation is about repairing and healing relationships in crisis by putting the 'people' before 'process'

Geoffrey has more than 25 years of experience in dispute resolution. His aim is to facilite honest conversations and to then identify and follow through on appropriate solutions.

Helping people in any situation

There are some key pages on this website aimed at helping people in any situation which you may find useful. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, just pick up the phone or contact us via our enquiry form to get in touch with a sympathic listener ready to provide advice and reassurance.


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❝Geoffrey fully understands the challenges facing those managing conflict as well as those involved. He believes in building strong, trusted relationships that encourage conciliation and co-operation.❞

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